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Crowdfunding Campaign

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This crowdfunding campaign is aiming to fund the following: 


  • Prototype a one-year iterative Community Building and Social Synergy process in the community of Tepoztlan in alignment with a Bioregion in Hawaii. The prototype entails developing the skills and practices for a community to access their collective intelligence and enable high impact solutions with a Bio-regional perspective. Once we reach proof of concept locally, we will scale it into the Tepoztlan Bio-region, then grow it to other Bio-regions across Mexico and the world.


  • Co-Design and develop an online platform with Social Synergy Tools (i.e, community mapping, crowdfunding, participatory democracy), in partnership with global pioneering software developers. Our first goal is to develop a: "A Community Intelligence DashBoard", in which local stakeholders can gain a holistic perspective, strategically connect, synergize, set shared goals and wellbeing indicators.


  • Strengthening the network of Wisdom Keepers worldwide,  keeping elders at the center of this process, guiding unified prayer and healing practices in sacred sites. Will blend ancient and modern wisdom into action. Starting in Tepoztlán and Hawaii, we will combine Prayer and healing practices with participants of the co-creation process in town.

Implementation Phases for the Tepoztlán Bioregion


Note: This fundraising is intended to collect the necessary funds for phase I only. Subsequent phases shall be funded by complementary funding alternatives.

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